Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: Gone Girl

Gone Girl is a fascinating read - it moves from a gripping police procedural whodunit to a psychological spine-tingler in no time, and with Flynn's clever writing, it works the whole way. The story opens with Nick Dunne getting a call that his front door is wide open and the cat is on the stoop. When he gets home to investigate, it's not a matter of someone simply forgetting to close the door, but the living room is tossed and Amy, his wife, is nowhere to be found.

The chapters alternate between the present, following Nick, and the past, following Amy's diary entries as the authorities search for missing Amy. Flynn reveals the clues as Nick discovers them, from the suspiciously organized tossed living room to the discovery of the anniversary treasure hunt that Amy has set up and is doomed to miss. Did I mention that this story starts on the day of their fifth anniversary?

Gone Girl is an examination of a marriage, of the human psyche, of nature vs. nurture - Nick and Amy are thoroughly pulled apart and put back together again over the course of the mystery. It is a chilling read as the reader learns more and more about Nick and Amy, their parents, friends and neighbours. Flynn keeps you guessing, and won't let you put it down!

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