Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Preview - Books to Read This Fall

Many, many publications and blogs have been looking forward to Fall as there are several heavyweights releasing books in the next few months. The first to be released is Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan - reviews are mixed so far, but I like Kerry's review at Pickle Me This. There's also novels by Michael Chabon, Zadie Smith, and Junot Diaz, which promise to be great (however, Jennifer Egan doesn't think so: read here and here).

A couple of (gasp) overrated forthcoming releases are The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling and a "new" novel from Roberto Bolano. Who knows? Rowling may surprise some readers, but those expecting the charm of Harry Potter will be disappointed, I am sure. Bolano has been dead for a few years now, but his manuscripts keep popping up.

Two other books that I am looking forward to are on the non-fiction list: Joseph Anton: A Memoir by Salman Rushdie and Every Love Story is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace by D.T. Max. Rushdie is a brilliant writer and his memoir about his life in hiding while a fatwa was placed on him should be great reading. David Foster Wallace's life story is compelling and this first biography of him will be just as compelling.

Read the Toronto Star's most anticipated books of the fall in this article.

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