Thursday, May 28, 2009

Review: Fool

It's been a while since I read this, but a month has given me time to ruminate. I really enjoyed Fool, from the bawdyness to the convenient plot twists to the clever dialogue. Moore admits at the beginning of the book that he is trying to write a Shakespearean story in a Shakespearean manner, hence the puns and convenience. He weaves in and out of King Lear, adding elements (Macbeth's witches) and changing some to make for a better ending. But Pocket is a classic character, at once a social critic and performer, much like the fools present in Shakespeare's plays: he is always on for his crowd, and his performances reveal more about the audience than they realize or are willing to admit. Knowing the truth behind his actions and his personality is a little like looking behind the curtain, but more like Looking for Richard than Wizard of Oz. We know he is deliberate and calculated with his act, yet its effect is still surprising.
Moore's novel is hilarious, too. He lives up to his reputation as a humorist - one of his novels was recently selected as the #1 book to make you laugh by the CBC Book Club - with insane characters and devilish shenanigans. And jokes, too - many of Pocket's witty phrases are indeed as funny as anything Shakespeare wrote.
My overall opinion is that if you have ever laughed out loud whilst reading a Shakespeare play, you will like this book. You also need a stomach for extreme bawdyness, as Moore does not spare any detail or leave an innuendo unturned. Enjoyable - looking forward to reading more of Moore.

*Update*: Unbound! has recently reviewed Fool, and has also read a couple of others that might be worth a read. I'm leaning toward Lamb as my next Christopher Moore pick.

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Hagelrat said...

I love Moore, I haven't read fool yet but i enjoyed lamb. :)