Friday, February 13, 2009

Biting the Hand That Feeds You

Statement: Recommendation for the dismissal with cause of Mr. Denis Rancourt | News Releases & Announcements | Media Room

This is not really a book-related post, but it is close enough, and it takes place right here at the University of Ottawa. Here ends the trials and tribulations of Prof. Denis Rancourt, Anarchist, who was banned from his own classroom after various curious incidents and statements, including giving all his fourth-year and graduate students A+ - before the start of the course. There are external links to read to get the entire saga, but the one to read is Stanley Fish's opinion piece from the N.Y. Times, "The Two Languages of Academic Freedom". Honestly, I have no words for the ridiculousness of Mr. Rancourt. Actually, "ridiculous" works pretty well.

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Hutton said...

Great piece. Thanks for the link.