Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Year's Book Predictions

With each passing calendar year, the tendency is to make resolutions or set new goals for the coming year. While I don't usually make resolutions, I feel that a few reading resolutions are in order. This month, I will outline a couple of these modest goals that I will set for myself in 2013. 

1. Read a Zadie Smith novel. 

My wife is always a little surprised that I haven't read any Zadie Smith novels yet - she always assumes that I have read Zadie Smith before. So I guess it makes sense for me to finally read a Zadie Smith novel. 

 We own the first three, and NW just came out this September. I think I will start with the one that catapulted Smith into the international literary scene: On Beauty. Look for it in a review in 2013! 

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Bonnie said...

You haven't read a Zadie Smith book? You should. They are totes great.