Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Tournament of Books

Yesterday, I alluded to the 2013 Tournament of Books - however, I realized that I have not actually linked to the site yet. The list has been announced, as have the reviewers, as well as an interesting Tournament-ish thing to do - a "play-in" round featuring three contemporary books about the Vietnam War.

The event is an exciting time for readers: which tastes will be rewarded and which will be ridiculed? The Morning News does a great job of picking books that represent myriad readers and reviewers. This year is no different, though there were some notable omissions, such as 2013 novels from Michael Chabon, Zadie Smith and Junot Diaz. Though, if the goal of the Tournament is to bring a higher profile to lesser-known great authors, they've succeeded. Yet Hilary Mantel remains.

My goal of reading the contestants is not even a pipe dream it's so far off. Of the 16 finalists, however, I've read 3 - a fewer than last year, but considering the obscurity of some of the titles, you can't blame me.

The Tournament starts in March.

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