Thursday, November 08, 2012

Alias Grace Update - How's Reading Going?

We're a week in to our latest selection, Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood. I am working my way through its 500+ pages at a great pace, as the story is picking up fast and furious. As always, Atwood's prose is mesmerizing.

The link today is to Atwood's home page; more specifically, to her Twitter account, @MargaretAtwood. She is a prolific tweeter, and has been a champion of social media for a long time. She tweets several times daily, passing on information about upcoming publications, events, or social causes she supports, which are myriad. It is entertaining and informative, and she is very generous with her retweets.

She is also involved in several innovations to help writers, such as Wattpad and Kickstarter. Currently she is co-writing a novel with Naomi Alderman on Wattpad called The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home. Check it out!

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