Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Reviewer to Watch

Michael Hingston has been writing at Too Many Books in the Kitchen for several years now, but his new gig as book columnist at the Edmonton Journal is starting off on the right foot:
I’m proposing an end to both kinds of pre-emptive strike, good and bad. Let’s take a step back from those ever-tempting thumbs up/thumbs down icons, at least until we’ve had a chance to read and digest these books for ourselves. By all means, be curious. Be skeptical. Have high hopes, as well as high standards. But there’s no shame in abstaining from judgment, or in taking time to privately mull things over. In fact, it’s kind of liberating.
Or, as my wife says, "Don't be cranky."

Read the whole article here, and then look for a new column every Friday.

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