Wednesday, May 12, 2010

War & Peace by Tolstoy

Yesterday I joined a book club boot camp to read War & Peace. The goal is to read the novel in 3-4 weeks - impossible, you say? Well, the impetus was that the only way to read War & Peace is to power through it with minimal distraction and a tight timeline. I tend to agree. I have previously started War & Peace, but abandoned it after only 150 pages or so because something shiny came along. My friend informed me that this was the story for many people. I dug out my Wordsworth Classics edition of War & Peace and was not quite daunted by the heft, the 964 pages of legend. However, upon opening the book, I discovered that I was but a fool: the type looks to be about 4pt, or this size. Actually smaller, as that's only 8pt. Then I was daunted. But the idea of reading such a book in such a way is a story to tell the blogosphere. How could I refuse? So myself and two friends are going to read the book and each week talk about the previous section. Good thing I found the CliffNotes site. Wish me luck!

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This is not at all related to your post, but I really think the focus of the book club should be more like this: