Thursday, June 04, 2009

June's pick: Cloud Atlas

This month, we have a unanimous selection: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. The premise and reach of this novel is ambitious, so prepare for a challenging read, or so I'm told:
"David Mitchell entices his readers on to a rollercoaster, and at first they wonder if they want to get off. Then - at least in my case - they can't bear the journey to end. Like Scheherazade, and like serialised Victorian novels and modern soaps, he ends his episodes on cliffhangers and missed heartbeats. But unlike these, he starts his next tale in another place, in another time, in another vocabulary, and expects us to go through it all again. Trust the tale. He reaches a cumulative ending of all of them, and then finishes them all individually, giving a complete narrative pleasure that is rare."
Looking forward to it.

*Update*: Check out Books Worth Reading for another favourable review.

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Hagelrat said...

I loved some of the stories in this but the first/last and the middle one didn't appeal at all. I read this for book club.