Saturday, April 18, 2009

Most-challenged books of 2008

Found this today when rummaging through CBC Books. It's an interesting aspect of our society, that we have the freedom to publish whatever we want but that same freedom allows us to suppress whatever we want (or whatever the majority wants). Some of the ideas in these books seem completely harmless - when do you think kids will learn about this stuff? In college? And from who? It baffles me... I am not a parent, yet, but I have to believe that I will do my best to teach my children well enough that I won't have to keep things from them - that they will be able to experience and learn things on their own without too much difficulty. Anyway, that's what I think - now. When I actually have a 16-year-old, we'll see what I think then.

The Kite Runner among most-challenged books of 2008

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