Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miriam Toews Wins Writers' Trust Award

Well, Miriam Toews won the Writers' Trust Fiction Prize yesterday, giving her one award this year so far for The Flying Troutmans. In case you're wondering, the Writers' Trust has a mission statement:

"The Writers' Trust believes that the remarkable talents of Canadian writers must not only be widely recognized and applauded; they must be rewarded. Our annual awards ensure that our writers' powerful voices will continue to be heard, at home and abroad. Awards provide writers with the time and resources needed to hone their craft. Awards inspire other authors to emulate them, expanding the nation's garden of literary excellence."

They are cultivators, I guess. CBC ranks the Writers' Trust prize up there with the Giller and the GGs. I didn't know this existed, but I am glad that Toews won - The F'ing Troutmans is a great book (I've just finished - review forthcoming) and Toews is a great writer. The GGs will be announced later today.

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