Sunday, October 05, 2008

October's candidates

While everyone is still enjoying Spook so much, it is time to choose the next book. We have three worthy contenders: The Flying Troutmans by Miriam Toews, A Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion and Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. It's quite a mix: a tragicomic road trip, a heartwrenching biography and a burn ward love story. Of course, these descriptions are oversimplified. Each promises to be an interesting read. I'll open the voting for an indefinite amount of time - until we are ready to read, I guess. I also invite all non-clubbers vote - which book do you think we should read? To the polls!


Bonnie said...

If only we could find a heartwrenching road trip love story... Or is that what On The Road is all about?

Dralce said...

On The Road is more about one author's obsession with himself... does that count as a love story?

Bonnie said...

Ewww, I don't want to read a book about self love.