Tuesday, September 02, 2008

SpongeBob SquarePants for Harper

Not only do we have important political decisions facing us south of the border, we have our own little political "drama" brewing here in Canada. First of all, a Global National poll determined that Jack Layton would be second best: "Asked who would make the best prime minister, 49.9 per cent chose Harper, followed by NDP Leader Jack Layton at 30.5 per cent and Dion at 19.6 per cent" (I guess they only polled English-speaking anti-environmentalists). Secondly, those Harper ads currently running really make him look creepy. John McCain creepy. (For a funnier/scarier perspective, see here.) But when we go to the polls this fall, consider that the Conservative Party has continually sought to cut Arts funding since they took office, finally succeeding this summer: Nova Scotia premier joins chorus denouncing arts cuts. The irony is, how will he reach the voters of 2021 if SpongeBob isn't on the air?

In a related note (sort of), I found this to be extremely funny: From the Desk of Stephen Harper. And Harper is even in an ad for the new season of The Rick Mercer Report.

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